How to protect yourself from moving scams

Mover tips to not getting ripped off

The process of moving is a delicate one. You see your life pack and compress in a truck or two, and you realize everything you possess is in the hands of strangers. It`s a tough pill to swallow. It`s even tougher when they turn to you with a request to pay them “extra”, or you`ll never see your possessions again.

That`s why we made a list of tips on how to avoid such situations and what to look for, when choosing a moving company.

Trust us as your moving companyCheck for name and location of the moving company. If they don`t have a location and they present themselves with a generic name or just “movers”,then you should politely refuse their services and walk away. Reputable companies have a local address on their website and answer the company phones with their company name when you call. Also, a reputable moving company would have licensing and insurance information on their website.

A scam mover may have no offices or warehouses what so ever. If they do, they will probably be poorly maintained.

A rogue moving company may give you a suspiciously low estimate If they give you an estimate without inspection you should beware. They may also claim that your baggage is insured.

Should they require payment before the move, don`t give it to them. Payment is commonly arranged after the move and pre-payments or cash deposits are never required.

If your contractor arrives in a rental truck, instead of a professional moving truck with the company logo on the sides, then you may want to reconsider.

One of the most important pieces of advice when moving is, to take your time planning it. Scheduling your move in advance can allow you to oversee its every aspect and be better prepared. Besides, with a little planning ahead you will have the time to check out your moving company and change it, if it doesn`t seem right. If you are located in Wilmington, DE however, you shouldn`t worry about moving scams. Just give Discount Movers a call at (302) 275-0100.